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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hmmmphhh...lovely children s tv presenter Steve Backshall has removed his single status from his facebook page indicating that he is no longer single.That s him above ,topless and brandishing a moth.Goddamnit -first Daniel Craig gets married and now this.

new goccos for sale !!!!!!

Dearest followers.I have let you down badly.How can i even call myself a blogger when i blog so infrequently?I am shocked and dismayed but worst of all i ve let you all down and let myself down in the process.Now i will promise something rash such as blogging everyday from the New Year but i think i ve done that before and it was a disaster. So followers,please bare with me.....i will get better !
So,new goccos are available on my etsy shop .All £15 ,we have a heron,cockerel,cat,a pair of owls and a ptarmigan ( i ve always been partial to the name ,pronounced pertarmigan ).
I have been very busy in the last couple of months.Preparing for an arts trail,christmas shows ,and life in general.
Above,The One That Got Away.Dark blue heron with a slippery fish.
Owl with a scowl,note the lovely use of lettering beneath him.
Owl number toowit totwoo -get it ?Please feel free to visit my little etsy shop or contact me by email for purchases !janeormes@blueyonder.co.uk.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vegas,baby !

O.M.G.Las Vegas-beyond words.Volcanos you can set your watch by,lions in a hotel lobby (boo),the Eiffel tower,Venice and Rome all in a mile long road and seering heat that could melt your shoes.Even at night.Bonkers.
The buffets; they were to be my downfall.My record was 4 desserts but they were small,mind.
After struggling in a 110 degrees of heat i ordered Ruby a large coke in the Coke store(shaped like a coke bottle obviously) and this is what arrived.We didn t know whether to drink it or paddle our feet in it.
yes,it s the Eiffel tower ofcourse.In the Venetian hotel and casino you could go on a gondola and get married.In Caesar s Palace you could see the Trevi fountain.In Luxor you can walk round the great temple of Rameses .You can win a car on a slot machine.And you can see Celine Dion every night of the week.Barking mad .

Still california

We went to Sequoia National Park to see huge trees and black bears but only actually saw their droppings.I had previously watched several Deadly 60 s with the lovely Steve Backshall to prepare myself for meeting these bears.(look as big as possible-no difficult after all the peanut butter-throw rocks at it s body-don t run).I did learn from the lovely Steve that they have an amazing sense of smell which is why they would rip the top of your car off to get to one tiny crumb of bagel stolen from the Bellagio buffet the previous night..
We visited the aquarium at Monterey which was a visual feast.Tanks so huge they had massive shoals of fish swimming in mesmerising circles and glinting like jewels.
There had to be stacks of campbell soup tins !
Evidence that we never got the hang of living out of a suitcase.We may as well have just tipped it all out onto the floor every day.

Californ I A

Yes,followers,I am returned from the United States of America.Oh and we had a great time.Firstly i managed to eat my own body weight in peanut butter.People keep asking if i was inspired when we were out there.Oh yes,my friends ,I was inspired by the massive packets of peanut butter m & m s (yes such a thing exists)-inspired to eat them that is.Evidence below..
Ofcourse there were crazy shaped booths,and churches for birds (below) and you could have botox literally on the pavement .You can take literally any leftovers home from a restaurant but you can t take your own food (peanut butter m & m s )into a cinema.You can get around anywhere on one of those crazy segways and you can literally be the only person on the sidewalk(pavement) because no one walks anywhere.They think you re lost.And no we are not from Australia or Down Under.Neither do we know Pippa Middleton (which we were asked).

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Framed and ready to go !

Been to the framers today to pick up these lovelies.Especially pleased with my B is for Bear that can stare,above.He is £95 unframed and £145 framed.

Fictitious Bird only found in Westbury Park,(above).They ve got a really 1950 s feel to them ,these new bird prints.I looked at Lucienne Day s colour palette for inspiration.
Fictitious Bird only found in Bishopston.My favourite.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Battery charger was never located .Ended up buying a new one and ending the misery of every drawer being tipped out.
Here are some much better images of my new goccos .All available on my Etsy shop ! Above,Tweet and Chirp.
Above we have Tailtastic !
Feast your eyes on Flight of Fancy,above.
Hare that can stare,;i m not wrong.
Below,Fox that rocks.My personal favourite and the leader in the sales stakes so far.
All available now on Etsy !3 sales already and one to the USA-have i gone global ?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Battery charger misery !

Excuse the rubbish fuzzy picture-i have turned our house upside down looking for the flippin battery charger for my cameraand to no avail.Rubbish i phone picyures for the time being i m afraid ,lovely followers.....

New prints in hd !

Here are my new beauties in high definition !I m printing 3 other birds to add to the range.Very excited and completely bowled over by the simplicity of printing only 2 colours-such a joy !

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Etsy shop now up and running (well,sortof.....)

I ve wrestled and wrangled and finally i ve set up an Etsy shop to sell my little gocco prints from.Follow the link here.Hoorah !

Monday, 4 July 2011


Seems i m not his friend at all-Steve Backshall ,how can you toy with me like this ????Do you know what witty comments you re missing ????

Friday, 24 June 2011

B is for Bear

I love my little bear-B is for Bear that can stare.Am reprinting him with a little turquoise bird in the tree.
Oh and Steve Backshall , my latest crush,has accepted me as a friend on Facebook.And I m going to see Bridesmaids tonight.And we re taking a giant bag of Maltesers........

A golden day

Yowzah ! New print alert.Had a lovely day printing at Spike Print Studio today.Finished my B for Bear print (more of that later and experimented with this bird and printed him big,big,big.A2 actually.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fresh at New Leaf Gallery ,Monmouth

After all the excitement of finally blogging after months in the wilderness i should have mentioned this,first and foremost !
I have a show on at the New Leaf Gallery in Monmouth that runs until the 8th July .It features me ,(i m upstairs and hung floor to ceiling i think ),and the delightful works of Hannah Nunn and Clare Mahoney.(I have some of Clare s tiles in my kitchen that i bought in St Ives a couple of years ago.)Go and have a look-it s a lovely gallery in a a street that is packed with boutiques and a tiny theatre and cinema .
My trip to the deliver work to Jacqueline was only marred by my satnav going bonkers -round and round i went like a top.Great shops in the high street there and a lovely,lovely drive back to Bristol ,through Tintern .Am i selling it to you ?

Royal wedding nuptuals

Forgot to mention the Royal Wedding.Well ,a good time was had by all at my friend Alison s regal bash.Sadly it was to end in tears for me as i was off my head on bucks fizz, (someone had messed with the ratio of champagne to orange juice),and i was very quetly ill at about the point that Kate and Wills were shaking the hands of all the foreign dignitary people that they had never ever met before.(About 12.30).This was a first for me -being hammered before 6pm.This is why most of these photos are blurred.
Look at that bunting-Alison made it all herself you know.


I spent a lovely week recently just looking at stuff.Old books,blogs,websites,sketchbooks etc.I think as a designer you can t afford to stop looking and searching for inspiration.Otherwise you re stuffed.
I discovered this beautiful children s book from 1965 about Noah s Ark and i adore it.Every single page.
It has some of the same qualities that Brian Wildsmith s illustrations have .So i scuttled off, (i scuttle when I m excited),and bought a lovely new sketchbook (something else i do when I m excited) and just drew and doodled and then did some potato printing ! Basic to basics-fantastic.The most basic form of printing but so satisfying .

Doh !

Doh ,forgot to add this one !

new goccos ahoy !!!!!!

So I dusted down my wondermachine,the gocco printer,and produced this range of 4 prints .I managed atleast 55 of each design before i ran out of paper.They re available for an impressively £15 each (unframed) and £55 for all 4.Soon to be available on Etsy once i pull my socks up and get organised otherwise contact me directly !Each one is signed by me and likely to have a bit of cat hair somewhere on it as Hilary ( our black cat who features quite heavily in my work )was lurking near by.I beavered away to get 4 framed up and on the wall at Fig and pretty pleased with how they look hung together.
Just about to start working on my ABC of prints -a for arctic fox wearing socks is first to be printed;and quite excited about c but you ll just have to wait won t you.
I also realised i failed miserably on the blogging- every- day -challenge.Goddammit.

Monday, 6 June 2011


I m not sure if this is a blog or an endless list of apologies for not blogging.I shall set myself a challenge.To blog everyday this week.Let s all hold hands and see if i can manage it..........

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Did i mention i went to see Kylie ???

Unbelievable !Never seen a show like that.Fountains,gold chariots,flying angels,levitating,rotating stage.