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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First 3 prints out of the drawer of chaos......

 Ha ! Here s where the sale begins ! These prints are generally experiments that i worked on while building up to an edition.The one above,Dear dear deer, ( see what i did there ) measures 56cm x 23.5cm. Signed by me ,editioned as 1 of 1 (meaning there s only one in existence) it weighs in at £65.
 Ha! Print number 2 ; "Doe a deer," (clever) same dimensions as above and £65.Both printed on somerset satin 300mgs paper.
"There ll be bluebirds over the green leaves of Dover"-38cm x 16cm.£45.
Please get in touch via comments here or email me at janeormes@blueyonder.co.uk.Paypal accepted !Look out for print sale part 2,3 and 4 !!Come on-this is my cocktail fund !!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Print sale !!!!Print sale !!!!!!!Print sale !!!!!!

I had a massive clear out of my drawers (snigger) at the print studio the other day and i found endless experiments,slightly imperfect prints and quite frankly prints i don t like.I m going to do my best to photograph them bit by bit and then put them up for grabs.Bargains galore.And i shall call it my HolidayCocktailFund.

Photo shoot amateurism


I attempted to take some "life style "photography of a few of my prints but failed miserably.Camera not good enough,reflections everywhere,real live cat prop, (Hilary) , kept jumping off chair,colours all wrong and print too far away.

                                                          Even photoshop didn t help.

                               It was a shame because i spent half an hour scrubbing the wall clean.
                                                         Call in the professionals i say.

Murray misery

Here is one of the better photos i took of Andy Murray when we went to Wimbledon last week.Yes he has no head, arms or indeed, legs but it his him (the adam s apple).Little did i know that it would be an omen that he wouldn t beat Federer in the final.Oh i cried when he cried.