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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mad men or land of nod ??

Can t make a decision-do i watch the 30 mins of Mad Men that i missed last night because i fell asleep on the settee until 1 am after a night out and only 2 glasses of rose or do i call it a night ?Got to be up at 7 -but still need to iron school trousers,tidy kitchen,make a packed lunch,sew on some scout badges and read my new Marie Claire -oh ,and damn,just seen that Batman with George Clooney s about to start .....

New prints alert !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes-it s finally happened-new work !I m trying to print for England at the moment.Numerous Christmas shows are just around the corner and they want new work !I was a bit nervous of printing this cockerel but it s turned out well and I m going to print a large one too.Called Clucking hell.
I ve been experimenting with layering foliage again and this print s going to feature some rabbits some how or other.
Yes,always slightly behind-as we head into autumn and winter i finally get around to doing a butterfly.I m going to do a gianormous one in a week or so -who says size doesn t matter.

This weekend the first Devon Art Fair is taking place in Torquay .I m being represented by Hybrid ,a lovely gallery in Honiton.Be sure to pay a visit if yur in them parts.

Fame at last

Well excitements of all excitements.My Daniel Craig card was mentioned on Radio 2 by Lynn Parsons at approximately 6.43 am on wednesday morning.A friend of hers had given it to her.She even read out the verse and everything !!!!!!!!!!!! Such thrills !!!!!!! I m sure there s a way to have it here so you can listen to it but i ve not got a clue...........

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Boo hoo ...

I seem to have lost a follower !! Were there not enough blogs ?(Fair point).Were they dull ?Not enough pictures ?Horrible to think someones not interested in me any more....and then i looked today and there s a lovely new follower-thank you Fiona Chapman Jewellery !!!You have restored my faith in the blogworld.
Had a jolly good clear out at Fig today.I was like a woman posessed -tearing up cardboard,shredding paper-even sweeping the floor.It s a goddamn palace in the cellar now.Even found my lost scalpel in amongst the grime.Hoorah !!
Got 3 parcels in the post too so am feeling very smug.Off to see Eat Love Whatsit tonight-roll on a giant tub of minstrels.And maltesers.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Here s a new idea of mine -need to get printing for all the Christmas shows in the pipe line.It s rather cheekily going to be called " Clucking hell-not more chicks" or something in that vein.

Had a good day at work today.I ve moved downstairs at our shop Fig so that a)i ve got loads more space to spread all my papers and b)i don t have to listen to endless Radio 4(Jemima and Kate s channel of choice) which quite frankly makes me feel sleepy.I mean,i caught these girls listening to the Budget once,yawn......

Barcelona,butterflies and birds printed by gocco !!!!

I ve been a very brave girl and broken in my gocco ! Not a great start when i wasted 2 of my precious bulbs by using artwork that didn t contain carbon (despite having read and reread the manual ).But then i got cracking and have produced this simple little print called Birds without a clue.
I ve embellished them with origami paper and am selling them for only £15 exclusively at Fig.They re not quite as crisp as a screenprint but i quite like that.I managed to print about 40 of them.Much excitement and itching to have another go !Loving the flashing of the bulb when it exposes the little screen.