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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Californ I A

Yes,followers,I am returned from the United States of America.Oh and we had a great time.Firstly i managed to eat my own body weight in peanut butter.People keep asking if i was inspired when we were out there.Oh yes,my friends ,I was inspired by the massive packets of peanut butter m & m s (yes such a thing exists)-inspired to eat them that is.Evidence below..
Ofcourse there were crazy shaped booths,and churches for birds (below) and you could have botox literally on the pavement .You can take literally any leftovers home from a restaurant but you can t take your own food (peanut butter m & m s )into a cinema.You can get around anywhere on one of those crazy segways and you can literally be the only person on the sidewalk(pavement) because no one walks anywhere.They think you re lost.And no we are not from Australia or Down Under.Neither do we know Pippa Middleton (which we were asked).

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