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Saturday, 3 November 2012

New wooden brooches alert !!Laser cut,screenprinted and now available from my Etsy shop !
 Peacocks,peahens,quails.An aviary of brooches !

Well,he s here.The quick brown fox wasn t as quick as he thought.About a squillion bloomin colours and measuring 57cm by 57cm.A special offer is taking place on my brand spanking new Facebook page  with a 10% discount on 2 editions of this print.Go see !

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

mr fox

Lock up your bins, foxes on the loose !! Work in progress !!

delish and delivered to my desk.

 Well,just scoffed this lot.Lentil curry with steamed greens ,seaweed pakora and steamed rice followed by flambed banana with coconut cream and toasted coconut.I look forward to my full days at the shop !Thank you Francesca at Saffron foods.She hand delivers in a whicker basket and traps her own rabbits !!!!

Mugs !

Much excitement -new mugs in the pipeline !
 Here s an arty shot with some straws.Have 2 more designs to go.That ll be a trio of mugs then .

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dusting down the gocco...

 Hell yes, new goccos alert !Peahens,peacocks.and a ram.All available on my Etsy shop and website soon.
 Peahens in lovely aubergine.
 Rams in airforce blue.
Peacocks in pearlescent turquoise with silver.Glam !

the birds are back

 So,straight back to work after the holidays which involved yurts,the olympics and a bit of med sun.
I ve been working on a set of 4 new prints which have been cut into , thus creating a 3d effect.
 Hopefully,embossed too.
 And box framed and ready for my show at Prema arts centre,near Dursley starting on the 5th November and running until the 16th December.
Clearly i ve gone all kelly Hoppen with muted neutrals and beiges.

Ikea print triumph

Couldn t remember if i d mentioned this in previous blogs,and far too lazy to bother looking,here s my sold out print,Ill advised bid for freedom that is now available in Ikea.Available in most good stores but worth checking here.A snip at £12.Goes by the name of Olunda.

Sardinia-a lifetime ago..

 And she calls herself a blogger ,i hear you cry.Shocking i know,but I m back !
Spent a lovely week in Sardinia in August.Scorchio !Promenaded,swam,ate,slept,drank,cycled,shopped but mostly ate gelato.
 Strawberry and lemon i believe.
 Strawberry and nocciola.
 Minto chocco chippo and baccio
 Custard,myrtle,trifle and vanilla.I kid you not.
 White chocolate and vanilla.
Blue icecream.Not natural .

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First 3 prints out of the drawer of chaos......

 Ha ! Here s where the sale begins ! These prints are generally experiments that i worked on while building up to an edition.The one above,Dear dear deer, ( see what i did there ) measures 56cm x 23.5cm. Signed by me ,editioned as 1 of 1 (meaning there s only one in existence) it weighs in at £65.
 Ha! Print number 2 ; "Doe a deer," (clever) same dimensions as above and £65.Both printed on somerset satin 300mgs paper.
"There ll be bluebirds over the green leaves of Dover"-38cm x 16cm.£45.
Please get in touch via comments here or email me at janeormes@blueyonder.co.uk.Paypal accepted !Look out for print sale part 2,3 and 4 !!Come on-this is my cocktail fund !!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Print sale !!!!Print sale !!!!!!!Print sale !!!!!!

I had a massive clear out of my drawers (snigger) at the print studio the other day and i found endless experiments,slightly imperfect prints and quite frankly prints i don t like.I m going to do my best to photograph them bit by bit and then put them up for grabs.Bargains galore.And i shall call it my HolidayCocktailFund.

Photo shoot amateurism


I attempted to take some "life style "photography of a few of my prints but failed miserably.Camera not good enough,reflections everywhere,real live cat prop, (Hilary) , kept jumping off chair,colours all wrong and print too far away.

                                                          Even photoshop didn t help.

                               It was a shame because i spent half an hour scrubbing the wall clean.
                                                         Call in the professionals i say.

Murray misery

Here is one of the better photos i took of Andy Murray when we went to Wimbledon last week.Yes he has no head, arms or indeed, legs but it his him (the adam s apple).Little did i know that it would be an omen that he wouldn t beat Federer in the final.Oh i cried when he cried.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

ark building weather

Oh for goodness sake-sort yourself out weather !I refuse to wear boots until october !!! Away with you howling wind and heavy showers !!!!!!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

hilary s travels

The lovely Artpress,who publish my cards,are holding a competition to see how well my Hilary bag has travelled.Here are a couple of entries !

Monday, 28 May 2012

Print and Pattern !!!

Aaahhh; the lovely Bowiestyle has featured me yet again on her fabulous blog,Print and Pattern.Click here to see the post !

Friday, 25 May 2012


I am now on twitter !!!! Click here to follow me-come n; 30 followers is pathetic !!!!!


 Well this was my hanging plan laid out on my filthy kitchen floor the night before departing for Printfest,Cumbria.
 And this is the work the right way up and on the walls at Printfest.Took nearly 5 hours to hang and about 15 minutes to take down.
 Happy with how it looked though.Trouble with the drill at the start but then sorted it out.Back was crippling me all weekend but a steady flow of cake helped ( more of that later).

 Here s my stand with added people,once we were open for business.


Oh no,just had a gin and tonic at work.Feel bit merry.Won t do it again....

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Printfest 2012

Hello poor, yet again, abandoned followers.I am currently at the almighty Printfest in Ulverston,Cumbria.A fabulous event only slightly marred by the fact i have a terrible bad back and am in pain.Imagine the look on the face of the girl in the Costa coffee motorway service station when i presented her with Mischief,my daughters monkey shaped hotwater bottle, to refill with hot water to ease the pain during the 4 hour drive to Southport.
Until i find my special gadget to transfer images from my phone to my laptop you will just have to imagine the glory of Printfest with it s amazing printmakers and cakes.Be patient my followers-all will be revealed tomorrow......

Monday, 16 April 2012

Bluebird-there s a surprise

Admittedly a rubbish phone photo but here s another new piece of work entitled Unimaginatively Titled Bluebird.A one colour print especially for the May Open at Spike Island.A marvellously affordable £45 unframed !


I am now on Folksy!Minus a banner because that is beyond my IT skills but will be rectified soon !Take a peak-it looks suprisingly like my Etsy shop !

About time to...

Lovely abandonned followers.More grovelling apologies.I reel you in then let you down.I have got to get some discipline going with this blogging lark.New prints ahoy ! I m taking part in the marvellous print festival,Printfest,in the lake district during the May Bank Holiday weekend.I ve been working on new work for this event and i had in mind a sun;a lovely vintagey childrens book from the 1950s /1960s and this is the result.I love it.my kids think it s scary !
And then there s this one.15 headed for Eastbourne,1 headed for Westward Ho !Love Westward Ho ! (yes that exclamation mark is legal ).
And finally,Unblinking.I m doing a range of small prints all with an Un title and the range is cleverly titled Untitled.Get it ?I am such a wag.