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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Framed and ready to go !

Been to the framers today to pick up these lovelies.Especially pleased with my B is for Bear that can stare,above.He is £95 unframed and £145 framed.

Fictitious Bird only found in Westbury Park,(above).They ve got a really 1950 s feel to them ,these new bird prints.I looked at Lucienne Day s colour palette for inspiration.
Fictitious Bird only found in Bishopston.My favourite.


  1. These look great, especially love the non-blinking bear...

  2. Thanks Melanie;he has to be my favourite !

  3. I love B is for bear... so beautiful and I really love the textures in the bird :)

  4. Thank you .it s great when you actually have a bit of fun when you work -created those lovely textures in the bird by potato printing with my 10 yr old !