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Monday, 16 April 2012

Bluebird-there s a surprise

Admittedly a rubbish phone photo but here s another new piece of work entitled Unimaginatively Titled Bluebird.A one colour print especially for the May Open at Spike Island.A marvellously affordable £45 unframed !


I am now on Folksy!Minus a banner because that is beyond my IT skills but will be rectified soon !Take a peak-it looks suprisingly like my Etsy shop !

About time to...

Lovely abandonned followers.More grovelling apologies.I reel you in then let you down.I have got to get some discipline going with this blogging lark.New prints ahoy ! I m taking part in the marvellous print festival,Printfest,in the lake district during the May Bank Holiday weekend.I ve been working on new work for this event and i had in mind a sun;a lovely vintagey childrens book from the 1950s /1960s and this is the result.I love it.my kids think it s scary !
And then there s this one.15 headed for Eastbourne,1 headed for Westward Ho !Love Westward Ho ! (yes that exclamation mark is legal ).
And finally,Unblinking.I m doing a range of small prints all with an Un title and the range is cleverly titled Untitled.Get it ?I am such a wag.