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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hmmmphhh...lovely children s tv presenter Steve Backshall has removed his single status from his facebook page indicating that he is no longer single.That s him above ,topless and brandishing a moth.Goddamnit -first Daniel Craig gets married and now this.

new goccos for sale !!!!!!

Dearest followers.I have let you down badly.How can i even call myself a blogger when i blog so infrequently?I am shocked and dismayed but worst of all i ve let you all down and let myself down in the process.Now i will promise something rash such as blogging everyday from the New Year but i think i ve done that before and it was a disaster. So followers,please bare with me.....i will get better !
So,new goccos are available on my etsy shop .All £15 ,we have a heron,cockerel,cat,a pair of owls and a ptarmigan ( i ve always been partial to the name ,pronounced pertarmigan ).
I have been very busy in the last couple of months.Preparing for an arts trail,christmas shows ,and life in general.
Above,The One That Got Away.Dark blue heron with a slippery fish.
Owl with a scowl,note the lovely use of lettering beneath him.
Owl number toowit totwoo -get it ?Please feel free to visit my little etsy shop or contact me by email for purchases !janeormes@blueyonder.co.uk.