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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vegas,baby !

O.M.G.Las Vegas-beyond words.Volcanos you can set your watch by,lions in a hotel lobby (boo),the Eiffel tower,Venice and Rome all in a mile long road and seering heat that could melt your shoes.Even at night.Bonkers.
The buffets; they were to be my downfall.My record was 4 desserts but they were small,mind.
After struggling in a 110 degrees of heat i ordered Ruby a large coke in the Coke store(shaped like a coke bottle obviously) and this is what arrived.We didn t know whether to drink it or paddle our feet in it.
yes,it s the Eiffel tower ofcourse.In the Venetian hotel and casino you could go on a gondola and get married.In Caesar s Palace you could see the Trevi fountain.In Luxor you can walk round the great temple of Rameses .You can win a car on a slot machine.And you can see Celine Dion every night of the week.Barking mad .

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