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Thursday, 9 June 2011

new goccos ahoy !!!!!!

So I dusted down my wondermachine,the gocco printer,and produced this range of 4 prints .I managed atleast 55 of each design before i ran out of paper.They re available for an impressively £15 each (unframed) and £55 for all 4.Soon to be available on Etsy once i pull my socks up and get organised otherwise contact me directly !Each one is signed by me and likely to have a bit of cat hair somewhere on it as Hilary ( our black cat who features quite heavily in my work )was lurking near by.I beavered away to get 4 framed up and on the wall at Fig and pretty pleased with how they look hung together.
Just about to start working on my ABC of prints -a for arctic fox wearing socks is first to be printed;and quite excited about c but you ll just have to wait won t you.
I also realised i failed miserably on the blogging- every- day -challenge.Goddammit.

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