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Saturday, 3 November 2012

New wooden brooches alert !!Laser cut,screenprinted and now available from my Etsy shop !
 Peacocks,peahens,quails.An aviary of brooches !

Well,he s here.The quick brown fox wasn t as quick as he thought.About a squillion bloomin colours and measuring 57cm by 57cm.A special offer is taking place on my brand spanking new Facebook page  with a 10% discount on 2 editions of this print.Go see !

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

mr fox

Lock up your bins, foxes on the loose !! Work in progress !!

delish and delivered to my desk.

 Well,just scoffed this lot.Lentil curry with steamed greens ,seaweed pakora and steamed rice followed by flambed banana with coconut cream and toasted coconut.I look forward to my full days at the shop !Thank you Francesca at Saffron foods.She hand delivers in a whicker basket and traps her own rabbits !!!!

Mugs !

Much excitement -new mugs in the pipeline !
 Here s an arty shot with some straws.Have 2 more designs to go.That ll be a trio of mugs then .

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dusting down the gocco...

 Hell yes, new goccos alert !Peahens,peacocks.and a ram.All available on my Etsy shop and website soon.
 Peahens in lovely aubergine.
 Rams in airforce blue.
Peacocks in pearlescent turquoise with silver.Glam !

the birds are back

 So,straight back to work after the holidays which involved yurts,the olympics and a bit of med sun.
I ve been working on a set of 4 new prints which have been cut into , thus creating a 3d effect.
 Hopefully,embossed too.
 And box framed and ready for my show at Prema arts centre,near Dursley starting on the 5th November and running until the 16th December.
Clearly i ve gone all kelly Hoppen with muted neutrals and beiges.