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Saturday, 24 July 2010

hoorah hooruh new work for you ....

Yes people,it s new work.Not yet on my website but new all the same.This one on the left is called 'Don t worry, he got away ' as i decided to many people would be traumatised (like the beginning of Finding Nemo).

Here we have 'Carrot thieving rabbit struck by the almighty beauty of the setting sun'.Note to self-shorter titles required as it is no fun whatsoever writing that 50 times.


And here we have 'Birds in fear of shrinkage'.I ve always told my children that our cats don t like the rain because they were worried their fur coats would shrink.

The summer holidays are now upon us so the blog may fall silent for a while due to general relaxation and picnics.I asked my kids to write a list of things they d like to do and my son wrote in big capitals-ALMOST ANYTHING BUT NOT NATIONAL TRUST.I ask you......

Friday, 16 July 2010

Drizzle and dancing.....

Well lookey here-here i am written on another window-a snap of Snap,a wonderful printmakers co operative in Bristol which includes several of my friends.I have taken part in the mini print exhibition where you can snap up a print for £25 from 23 other printmakers .Get down there and make it snappy (see what i did there ?).

Little bit wiery today-went to see JLS at Warwick Castle.Oh the irony when they sang Umbrella while we all danced in our kaguls and attractive plastic capes as it lashed down.Thank you to our 3 nine year old girls for accompanying us there.Hilarious scenes ensued as we tried to get the girls on our shoulders unaided.
Here s a pic of the girls relaxing during the riveting support band .And thats a picture of my dear friend Alison reacting to the support bands band.A good time was had by all though .Thanks to Alison for driving us all there and for giving the man who was selling dodgy JLS merchandise off the bonnet of her car a real earwigging.

Meibh s dog-atlast.......

Goodness-here are my menagerie of cardboard beasts !!Starting with a carrot thieving rabbit named after a new print .And here are my fox terriers- Meibh at Iota (a fabulous shop on the Gloucester Rd in Bristol)asked me many months for one of these and i have finally got on with it!!It s good news for her and great news for me as i can start going in her lovely shop again instead of avoiding her ........hoorah with a capital H !!
Here s an army of them -available in our little shop, Fig ,exclusively now !
This one s for Meibh and is called Laverne-hence the pink ribbon -a special detail for someone who s waited for 4 months.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

EXcitement beyond excitement !!!!

Ladies and gentleman i have been featured on the fabulous Print and Pattern blog !!Very thrilled and excited -hoorah hoorah hoorah.This makes up for the fact that i have been diagnosed with inflamed tendons in my elbow (tennis elbow it s known as) and Doctor says I m not to print for a month or so -boo hoo and sob-i m hanging up my squeegee for a while....

Come on England ! (oops ,too late,they re out)....

Just thought i d share this patriotic window display from our local hardware shop-particularly enjoying the white rubber gloves being set off nicely by the red ketchup dispenser-inspired!
Look-10 lovely followers !!!!!!!!! There are other people who fritter away endless time reading other peoples blogs -it s not just me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back from a short holiday....

So,a week ago or so i had the lovely Jess working with me as my print assistant and PA.Jess was doing a weeks work experience and i think she had a good time.She certainly worked hard and let me tell you it was about 90 degrees at Spike Print that week -so she had her work cut out!I had her mixing inks,cutting paper,coating screens etc etc.There should be a pic of her print too.I ve just come back from a jaunt to Jersey for my Mum s 70th birthday.It s a confusing place where you feel like you re in France or Spain but there s a Dorothy Perkins on every corner.And I didn t even have a Royal Jersey potato !!!Boo hoo !

Monday, 5 July 2010

Journey to the big bad city.......

Hello people.I am pooped.I went up to London yesterday to see the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and meet up with some chums for a posh tea.Lovely.And we saw Boy George ! Here are some snaps of what i saw......Starting with my friend Chitra s print at the Royal Academy-look at all those red dots -super !!!!My Mum and i then perused Fortnum and Mason s-check out the sweet counter -and in the food hall downstairs they sold chocolate covered ants and healthy baked scorpions ( not fried you notice).
In Piccadilly I passed this amazing japanese sweetmeats store-i have no idea what these creations are made of but they were so beautifully packaged in tissue -they looked gorgeous.The japanese really know how to package things well.