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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Print and Pattern

The lovely Bowie Style has given me a wonderful mention on her fabulous blog,Print and Pattern.She is very complimentary about my M and S work on their Easter confectionary.
Read her lovely comments here.
Good god,I m even on the chocolate lollies.
Spring sprung on January 2nd -that s when this lot was spotted first !!Now i just need to go and lie down.I ve blogged about 4 times in a week.It takes it out of you you know.


Oh yes my friends.I made it into the fabulous Print and Pattern 2 book by Bowie Style (aka as Marie Perkins).It s lovely and well worth a look.A couple of double page spreads - i m a lucky girl.

Monday, 23 January 2012

xmas card workshop

Meant to blog about this before it happened but you know me.A fabulous xmas card printing workshop at the amazing Spike Island and run by the fabulous Simon Tozer and Chitra Merchant.

Took a couple of friends and their daughters and a good time was had by all.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New things for sale !

Pheww.I have been making,making ,printing,a bit more making and now i m exhausted.Take a gander at my notebooks,flying birds and wooden brooches.Oh and framed goccos.£35 for a framed gocco.Superb.
Screen printed lovelies to adorn your clothes.A snip at £9.50 and come in a lovely screenprinted paper box !
3 birds ready to dive bomb you in the living room.£25.Marvellous.
Notebooks to write endless to do lists in.These weigh in at £9.50 i believe.
Contact me via my blog or email if they take your fancy.Not on my website yet.But soon my followers,very soon.

Marks and Spencer !!

Happy New Year followers !! I m back and am vowing to blog,blog,blog.Yes,i know i ve promised this before but i really mean it this time.
Yes yes yes.My work has made it to M and S.Back in April 2011 i was approached by Marks and Spencer to illustrate their Easter confectionary for 2012.It was highly top secret but now it s out there i think i can spill the beans.Impressed to say it was in the stores on January 2nd.Way to go M and S.I particularly like what they ve done with me rabbits.Obviously i had to sample each chocolate item and i m pleased to say it s of an extremely high quality.Thank goodness for that.
More packaging to come as they roll it out gradually towards April.