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Friday, 25 May 2012


 Well this was my hanging plan laid out on my filthy kitchen floor the night before departing for Printfest,Cumbria.
 And this is the work the right way up and on the walls at Printfest.Took nearly 5 hours to hang and about 15 minutes to take down.
 Happy with how it looked though.Trouble with the drill at the start but then sorted it out.Back was crippling me all weekend but a steady flow of cake helped ( more of that later).

 Here s my stand with added people,once we were open for business.


  1. oh my that cake looks delish! Your stand looked great, much better than on the kitchen floor!x

  2. Your stand looks fantastic - enjoyed seeing your happy sunshine at the AAF in Bristol too!

  3. Thank you Rebecca and Melanie; yes i hear my sunshine made a splash but didn t sell !! Boo hoo !Just managed to work off that cake.

  4. I love printfest but sadly missed this year. So it is a double blow finding out you were there. My sister has severa of your pieces, they are fabulous


    1. Hi Lynn; love Printfest big time. Maybe I ll see you there another time !