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Monday, 9 July 2012

Photo shoot amateurism


I attempted to take some "life style "photography of a few of my prints but failed miserably.Camera not good enough,reflections everywhere,real live cat prop, (Hilary) , kept jumping off chair,colours all wrong and print too far away.

                                                          Even photoshop didn t help.

                               It was a shame because i spent half an hour scrubbing the wall clean.
                                                         Call in the professionals i say.


  1. what kind of frames are they in? i really like the photo with your cat it, the print looks great with the sofa too.

  2. Hi Helen - thanks. I use bespoke frames in ash . I always have them box framed and I ve started to float mount them. Not cheap !!

  3. Wonderful prints. And I am in love with your beautiful green armchair. Where is it from?

  4. Hi Lizzie, it s from M and S ;it s a Poppy love seat.A bargain in the sales in January !

  5. I had to smile Jane as this is the kind of photo I keep trying to take and it certainly isn't easy. However, I think your photos and prints do look great - even though there is the odd reflection etc.