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Monday, 16 April 2012

About time to...

Lovely abandonned followers.More grovelling apologies.I reel you in then let you down.I have got to get some discipline going with this blogging lark.New prints ahoy ! I m taking part in the marvellous print festival,Printfest,in the lake district during the May Bank Holiday weekend.I ve been working on new work for this event and i had in mind a sun;a lovely vintagey childrens book from the 1950s /1960s and this is the result.I love it.my kids think it s scary !
And then there s this one.15 headed for Eastbourne,1 headed for Westward Ho !Love Westward Ho ! (yes that exclamation mark is legal ).
And finally,Unblinking.I m doing a range of small prints all with an Un title and the range is cleverly titled Untitled.Get it ?I am such a wag.


  1. I love the sun print, he isn't scary at all!x

  2. Thanks Rebecca-that makes me feel better!

  3. Hi Jane,
    will these prints only be available at printfest or will they be available through etsy? thanks

  4. Hi Laura,
    These prints will be available from my website in a week or so and not on etsy because I only have my little gocco prints for sale there. They re just being properly photographed as we speak so they can be uploaded to my site. If you need to know anything more , then please ask away !!