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Friday, 14 January 2011

a walk down memory lane...

I often have a look at Jane Foster s blog (she s a daily blogger unlike myself) and a while ago she had some photos of a 1960 s memory game she d bought for pennies in a charity shop.
It jogged so many memories for me and my sister as it s a game we used to play with my mum and dad all the time when we were small.
My Dad died a couple of years ago and it s only now i realise what a good dad he was.We had our moments but he always wanted the absolute best for his daughters and encouraged us no end in our schooling and education.I remember us playing scrabble the morning of his dr s appointment when they told him he had advanced cancer.We played lots of board games and Dad kept everything so when we couldn t find this game anywhere at home i was determined to buy one.A lovely lady in California sent me this.I m having them framed so my sister and i can look at them .Bizarrely i think they look a lot like my work.


  1. Hey! Nice to see you blogging again...love the look of the images on the game. Hoping to make it to Fig sometime soon x

  2. Hi Sharon I am determined to blog much more this year ! Maybe even once a day ! would be lovely to see you at fig !