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Friday, 14 January 2011

china in your hands

Look at my cups and saucers ! I ve invested in some porcelaine pens and i m loving it.Baking them in the oven after to make them dishwasher proof.They ll retail for about £35 for a cup and saucer -not bad i think for something that s ben hand drawn.Only available from our shop,Fig,in Bristol.I ll post up some new photos of our new layout there at the moment.


  1. Porceline pens - wow they sound good Please can you tell me exactly what they are called brand name etc and where one can purchase ??

    Lovely cups !!

    Oh and the bird houses.........

  2. Hi aine i bought the porceline pens from the schools catalogue called yellow moon .They re about £20 i think.
    Yes the birdhouses have been a great success-they re screen printed balsa .Glad you like them.