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Friday, 14 January 2011

popeliness, fire engines and claustraphobia

Hail followers !!!!So bad have i been at blogging that i m now going to cover the last 3 months so we can get up to date !!!
Well-a trip to Barcelona with the girls in November was hugely enjoyable and not without the odd incident.We had no idea his popeliness the Holy was in town at the same weekend and look how close we got -unbelievable i know.
Sadly the night before we saw him we had somehow got ourselves trapped in a lift in our apartment block.Fuelled up on cava and cheese ,we didn t see the 4 people lift limit and managed to cram 7 of us in.Well, imagine our suprise when it shuddered to a holt and went dark.Fortunately ,due to some quick thinking and luck,Fran,our leader,managed to phone the emergency services.We think it might have been the fact that she mistakenly told them there were 7 young maidens in the lift and not infact 7 middle aged women who can t take their drink.Which is why they turned up super quick .Think this picture captures their disappointment.

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