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Thursday, 30 September 2010

New prints alert !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes-it s finally happened-new work !I m trying to print for England at the moment.Numerous Christmas shows are just around the corner and they want new work !I was a bit nervous of printing this cockerel but it s turned out well and I m going to print a large one too.Called Clucking hell.
I ve been experimenting with layering foliage again and this print s going to feature some rabbits some how or other.
Yes,always slightly behind-as we head into autumn and winter i finally get around to doing a butterfly.I m going to do a gianormous one in a week or so -who says size doesn t matter.

This weekend the first Devon Art Fair is taking place in Torquay .I m being represented by Hybrid ,a lovely gallery in Honiton.Be sure to pay a visit if yur in them parts.

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