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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Boo hoo ...

I seem to have lost a follower !! Were there not enough blogs ?(Fair point).Were they dull ?Not enough pictures ?Horrible to think someones not interested in me any more....and then i looked today and there s a lovely new follower-thank you Fiona Chapman Jewellery !!!You have restored my faith in the blogworld.
Had a jolly good clear out at Fig today.I was like a woman posessed -tearing up cardboard,shredding paper-even sweeping the floor.It s a goddamn palace in the cellar now.Even found my lost scalpel in amongst the grime.Hoorah !!
Got 3 parcels in the post too so am feeling very smug.Off to see Eat Love Whatsit tonight-roll on a giant tub of minstrels.And maltesers.


  1. Your blog is so funny Jane that they mustn't have had a sense of humour if they left. I have lost followers before and wondered what I had done wrong too. I have come to the conclusion that they were just trying me out and weren't too impressed with my art. Ah well it happens.

  2. Aaah shucks thanks Cathy-yes,i don t know about some people-i think i m pretty hilarious myself !