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Saturday, 21 August 2010


Much excitement-i have purchased a gocco print machine-can t wait for all my packages to arrive from Japan-!!!Much nervous tension when i use it for the first time !!!Anyon got any tips ?


  1. Hooray! this video makes things a bit easier to understand than the instruction book http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJzkhfWwrXM

  2. Good thinkg forty four knows what she is talking about, because I know nothing on the subject. LOL!

    Your profile cracked me up :)

    Your prints are absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Thank you OneCraftyFox-yes,i really do hate men in flipflops-revealing their gnarled hairy toes - my husband daren t wear any for fear of divorce.And i also dearly love the handsome Daniel Craig-my hero x

  4. Hi Jane, just stumbled upon your blog after seeing your print in the snap gallery shop (love your aussie birds) I'm quite a new goccoer too (if that's a word!) it's a great machine but can be a little frustrating at times!! there is loads of advice on the flickr gocco group discussion page which is worth a look...

  5. Hi moira ,to be honest I am now terrified of using it !!! Supplies are hard to come by so there s so much pressure to get it right and not waste one of the screens . I can t even bare to tot up what I ve spent on various packages from japan - plus I was a bit naive and bought a b6 which is postcard size so the prints are going to be diddy - would love a bigger version but think I ve miSsed the boat ! Will keep you posted on how I get on- my knees are knocking !!!!!!