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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Back to Blighty.....

Back again ! Just flew back from 10 days in St Lucia.Lovely.Hot.Warm sea.Cocktails.Don t need a cardi in the evening.Lots of shifting around on sun loungers ,trying to tan your inner thighs.I have come back with a few holiday rants though........

1.Towels at dawn-people were creeping out at 5 am to reserve their lounger.We witnessed 2 arguments involving the French (I ll come to them later) over sun loungers.Great entertainment for the kids.
2.Women wearing those weird diaphonous, floaty kaftans over their bikinis.They look like nighties so STOP !
3.People who are too brown-they just look leathery.
4.French women who are clearly older than me but much thinner than me- totally not fair in any way shape or form.
5.Cakes for breakfast - WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!
6.Flip flops-flip flop flip flop -i don t want to hear you coming!!!!And wearing crocs is not the answer !!!!!

Thank goodness i ve got all that off my chest.I feel better already.
Here are some photos of palm tree leaves -just lovely.

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