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Saturday, 24 July 2010

hoorah hooruh new work for you ....

Yes people,it s new work.Not yet on my website but new all the same.This one on the left is called 'Don t worry, he got away ' as i decided to many people would be traumatised (like the beginning of Finding Nemo).

Here we have 'Carrot thieving rabbit struck by the almighty beauty of the setting sun'.Note to self-shorter titles required as it is no fun whatsoever writing that 50 times.


And here we have 'Birds in fear of shrinkage'.I ve always told my children that our cats don t like the rain because they were worried their fur coats would shrink.

The summer holidays are now upon us so the blog may fall silent for a while due to general relaxation and picnics.I asked my kids to write a list of things they d like to do and my son wrote in big capitals-ALMOST ANYTHING BUT NOT NATIONAL TRUST.I ask you......


  1. But I love your titles! Maybe work the cost of a manicure/hand massage into the selling price of an edition?! :)

  2. Excellent idea Vicki-although i was once in Selfridges on Oxford St where they were doing free manicures and i m sure she nearly fainted when she saw my filth laiden printers nails.....

  3. Love the birdie print! One of my silly cats loves the rain & really doesn't appreciate the rubbing down with a towel...

  4. Hello Jane... I love your prints, do you sell them to retailers? I would love to stock them in my shop (Nest Studio in Adelaide AU)