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Friday, 16 July 2010

Drizzle and dancing.....

Well lookey here-here i am written on another window-a snap of Snap,a wonderful printmakers co operative in Bristol which includes several of my friends.I have taken part in the mini print exhibition where you can snap up a print for £25 from 23 other printmakers .Get down there and make it snappy (see what i did there ?).

Little bit wiery today-went to see JLS at Warwick Castle.Oh the irony when they sang Umbrella while we all danced in our kaguls and attractive plastic capes as it lashed down.Thank you to our 3 nine year old girls for accompanying us there.Hilarious scenes ensued as we tried to get the girls on our shoulders unaided.
Here s a pic of the girls relaxing during the riveting support band .And thats a picture of my dear friend Alison reacting to the support bands band.A good time was had by all though .Thanks to Alison for driving us all there and for giving the man who was selling dodgy JLS merchandise off the bonnet of her car a real earwigging.

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