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Monday, 6 February 2012

messing about and loving it.

For months i ve been saying i just want to go to the print studio and just experiment.Print stuff that doesn t matter,mix up colours i don t usually use,have a cup of tea and a chat,just generally relax and enjoy it.I m loving it-my mind is going bonkers with ideas now which is good because i d had a couple of weeks thinking that my creativity was well and truly dried up( cue panic and wringing of hands) but it just seemed i needed to take a chill pill,as they say...


  1. These are lovely Jane - it is amazing what happens when you have time to play. Even sometimes when mistakes happen they can turn out good :-)

  2. Well they look great, more playing, less thinking!!

  3. wow - lovely - i would buy these even if they are experiments. i like the pink one with the plants in front. beautiful and satisfying to look at!

  4. They look fabulous! I'm still struggling with the creative mojo at the moment....happens every year!

  5. Hi Jane,

    I award you the 'Liebster Blog Award'! Hurrah! It's passed between bloggers who like each others blogs- the idea is to pass it on to blogs that you like, who have less than 200 followers.
    See you at printfest!

  6. Ruth

    So kind of you ! See you in Ulverston!

    J x