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Sunday, 22 January 2012

New things for sale !

Pheww.I have been making,making ,printing,a bit more making and now i m exhausted.Take a gander at my notebooks,flying birds and wooden brooches.Oh and framed goccos.£35 for a framed gocco.Superb.
Screen printed lovelies to adorn your clothes.A snip at £9.50 and come in a lovely screenprinted paper box !
3 birds ready to dive bomb you in the living room.£25.Marvellous.
Notebooks to write endless to do lists in.These weigh in at £9.50 i believe.
Contact me via my blog or email if they take your fancy.Not on my website yet.But soon my followers,very soon.


  1. Ooh these are lovely! Loving the new prints and notebooks! The stuff for M&S is super sute too x

  2. Have you got a bigger picture of the dive-bombing birds? They look adorable!

  3. Thanks Phil,I m working on it ! They are literally flying out of the shop at the moment.Thank goodness for laser cutting !