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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Marks and Spencer !!

Happy New Year followers !! I m back and am vowing to blog,blog,blog.Yes,i know i ve promised this before but i really mean it this time.
Yes yes yes.My work has made it to M and S.Back in April 2011 i was approached by Marks and Spencer to illustrate their Easter confectionary for 2012.It was highly top secret but now it s out there i think i can spill the beans.Impressed to say it was in the stores on January 2nd.Way to go M and S.I particularly like what they ve done with me rabbits.Obviously i had to sample each chocolate item and i m pleased to say it s of an extremely high quality.Thank goodness for that.
More packaging to come as they roll it out gradually towards April.


  1. i saw these in m and s today and had a minor fit of excitement! (and then panic that some one had ripped you off) they are super, and i am glad they are truly yours. !!

  2. Aaahhh thanks Helen - yes , really pleased with them ; looking forward to the big box of samples coming my way !