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Friday, 11 February 2011

Things that are on my mind....

1.Getting rid of that horrible wardrobe in my bedroom.
2.Stop fannying around with eggcups.
3.Do some new bloody work to enter the Royal academy Summer Exhibition,get selected and then start world domination.
4.Possible knee replacement -this could cock up the world domination bit
5.Stop fantasising about lovely children s wildlife tv presenter Steve Backshall.He would never be interested in a married woman with only one good knee.
6.Decorating Ruby s room.We have the decals.We nearly have the paint and we ve had the clear out.
7.Sort out my Not on the High St page-for goodness sake it can t be that freakin difficult.
8.Kick the cat out of the bedroom at night-woke up thinking i was wearing a busby but it was the bloody cat on my head
9.Clean the car.Too horrible to even really consider.
10.Do more jigsaw puzzles-can you get ones with more than 1000 pieces ?
11.Get me hair done.It s an embarassment.


  1. Oh dear...so many of those apply to me too!!!

  2. Which bits Sharon ?Steve Backshall,the wardrobe,the naughty cat ?

  3. Ha! Well I have 3 naughty blooming cats that all sleep on the bed! Horrible hair today...car has not been clean for 2 years...knee plays up from time to time...the wardrobe isn't horrible really just all the stuff that tumbles out of it!!