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Sunday, 21 November 2010

New prints alert !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been very naughty about blogging recently-i m suprised all my followers haven t cleared off in search of more interesting and current blogs.But hey,let s make up for it -new prints alert !!!!!!!The print above is March hares in mid-June and it s my favourite print for ages.I m going to do a series like this based on the english countryside.yeh,that s what i always say.....It s £265 unframed and measures about 60cm x 60cm.

This beauty is called Clucking Hell-more eggs.It was a pig of a print to do-just ask any off the other printmakers unfortunate enough to have been in the vacinity when i was working on it.It weighs in at £265 also .Lovely for a kitchen i thought.Both available framed and unframed from Fig .And soon from my online shop on my website.


  1. Clucking Hell is great. Quite retro looking.

  2. Yes ,i thought so- must have been looking at some old hungarian posters or something !