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Thursday, 17 June 2010

A strange and beautiful day....

Mmmm,the day didn t start promisingly.Awoken by my cat,Hilary,being sick onto my bed at about 2. 30 a.m.Not nice.
Then Ruby ,my 9 year old said she was off colour and would definately need a day off school.She doesn t look too bad does she ?We had to go to the print studio to print the Father s day portraits and they ve turned out well.Ruby was a bit disappointed at how much washing,scrubbing and wiping was involved with printmaking.Aren t we all.Anyway,what could any father want more on father s day than 2 pictures of him by his children and a giant bar of toblerone.?
I have been featured in Artists and Illustrators magazine this month.It s a small questions and answers column about my show at the Rostra in Bath.I thought i was witty enough.
Got to retire to bed now-an awful camping trip is looming -I HATE CAMPING- it messes with your head.All that scrabbling around on the floor and the deafening dawn chorus-moan,grumble,winge.Well atleast you get to eat marshmallows .........

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